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How to make a nutritious broccoli dip

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broccoli dip


I recall doing vegetable printing during my childhood days. That involved using vegetables as a stamp to make color blocks.

Okra, potatoes and onions were my favorites.  The okras and onions gave a wonderful natural print. While the potatoes gave customized options.

I once tried to make a tree shape on a potato stamp for a Christmas project. But irrespective of my repeated attempts; I could not make it perfect.

That is when I thought of an idea. I got hold of a cauliflower floret and colored it green. Then I used that green floret as a stamp.

The experiment did not come out as successful as I had imagined. But it did give me a glimpse of a vegetable that later became one of my favorites.

If you could guess. I hinted at Broccoli.

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. I can have them in any form. I boil or steam them to serve as a salad. Also, I stir fry them for a Chinese meal. At times, I toss them with potatoes to make a healthy quick side-dish.

No matter how I cook this vegetable. As long as I get to have it, I am happy.

If I were to get into statistics. This vegetable is a frequent in my house every 15 days.

They are a fresh and colorful change to their cousins – the cauliflowers. Of course, minus the green water color from my childhood memory.

The all green uniform color of broccoli appeals to the eye. And I have not even started to discuss its nutritional merits.

I am a big fan of this vegetable due to its richness in vitamins. It has a good amount of B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin K in it.

Moreover, its stems are a good source of dietary fiber. If you are like me. Then, you will definitely consider broccoli in your meal plans for its nutritive properties.

I have tried a handful of recipe with broccoli as the principle ingredient. But still I am always on a quest to discover recipes that have this wonderful veggie.

That is irrespective of the cuisine or the form of broccoli.

But have you ever tried the broccoli and a dip combination ?

Let me be clear on the specifics here. I am not suggesting what to dip broccoli in or what can you dip broccoli in. 

Rather, I am stuck on to the idea of a dip made out of broccoli itself.

I am gung-ho on a broccoli dip recipe that I discovered recently. I am sure you will love it. Read further to discover it.

Ingredients – Broccoli dip recipe

  1. a medium sized broccoli floret – 250 g
  2. sour cream – 250 g
  3. cream cheese – 50 g
  4. 5 – 10 walnuts
  5. extra virgin olive oil – 15 ml
  6. garlic cloves – 2-3
  7. salt for seasoning
  8. pepper, as per seasoning preferences


How to make broccoli dip

  1. Steam the broccoli for about 15 minutes.
  2. Chop the broccoli, cloves and walnuts in a mechanical/ electric chopper.
  3. Take a large bowl and add cream and cheese.
  4. Add the chopped ingredients and mix well.
  5.  Add the seasonings.
  6. Drizzle olive oil on top.
  7. Serve and enjoy.

Notes – Broccoli dip recipe

Do not use a blender. Broccoli and walnuts should be in a crunchy state to deliver their distinct flavor.


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I hope you like this broccoli dip recipe. Let me know if you try it. Share your broccoli dip recipe as well.

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